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Your #1 Head Lice Removal Service

Strand by Strand is a head lice treatment and removal clinic that provides an individual and families with professional, confident and effective lice education and removal.


Our clinic is child-friendly, inviting, comfortable, safe and friendly. We are certified in The Shepherd Method of lice removal and our process is 100% effective and guaranteed. 


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Appointment Only

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Saturday/Sunday & Holidays: Please call

If you have an urgent need, please call us. We want to help!

Initial Head Check

Wondering if you have lice? At Strand By Strand, we are committed to easing your worries!  


If an initial head check is positive for head lice, the decision is left to you to follow with an onsite treatment or a DIY home treatment. Our clinic offers a line of non-toxic products readily available for purchase that will help guide you to a "deliceful" situation! 


Our clinicians focus on providing a strand by strand method of checking each hair, while using all natural products. This process is part of the guaranteed method our staff is certified in, known as, The Shepherd Method.

Initial head check fees are waived if a treatment is performed. If you are worried about family members also having lice, we offer a discounted rate for family head checks! 

Follow Up Recheck

At Strand by Strand, our expertise allows us to be extremely thorough to ensure that every lice and nit is caught! 


With your treatment, we include two free follow up rechecks (within two weeks from treatment date) to safeguard our work. Our guarantee is only honored when recheck appointments are attended and everyone in the household has been checked and treated.

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